Pictures in and around Winter Park/Mary Jane

The picture below is along US 40, between Berthoud Pass and the Mary Jane Ski Area. It is the headwall of the Current Creek basin.

The following 5 pictures are from atop Parsenn Bowl at Winter Park. The photos if stitched together form a panoramic view from east to west, with the top picture the furthest east of the photos.

This pictures shows some of the Continental Divide east of Winter Park ski area.

The picture below is looking to the south from atop Parsenn Bowl towards Berthoud Pass. The peak just to the left of center, is called Colorado Mines Peak and is 12,497 feet above sea level. The low area just to the right of Colorado Mines Peak is Berthoud Pass, 11,315 feet. Both Berthoud Pass and Colorado Mines are on the Continental Divide.

Somewhere in the picture below is the top of the headwall pictured in the top photo, you need to figure out where, but it is in the right half of the photo. Colorado Mines Peak and Berthoud Pass are still in the photo.

Below is the flat area between the top of the Timberline lift and the runs down Vasquez Cirque of Winter Park. The top of the Timberline lift is behind me, to the right.

The following photo was taken atop Parsenn Bowl, looking back towards the east and Winter Park ski area. In the foreground is a nice, some what steep, slope that is above tree line, once this run gets to treeline the run separates into several different runs, some of which run through open runs, whereas others head through the trees. The altitude of where I'm taking the picture is about 12,050 feet. In the middle of the photo are some runs of Winter Park, some of which are clearly defined runs, others are reasonably open tree runs. Off in the distance is the Continental Divide (that isn't within the confines of Winter Park). One thing this photo doesn't really show is how steep some of these runs are. Oh if you look carefully you will notice a couple of people heading down the slope in the foreground (one wearing a green jacket, the other wearing a red and gray jacket - the one in green is probably a snow boarder while the other is a skier).

Wondering what Willet's Way tree run looks like while on the run? The picture below will give you a little bit of an idea. Some places it is tighter, and others more open, however this picture makes the run look flat - it isn't.


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