Mount Werner


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Elevation: 10,565'
Trailhead/Trail: base of the Gondola
Trailhead elevation:
Coordinates: 40.4561°N, 106.7403°W
Round trip distance:
Quadrangle: Mount Werner
Date: 1/25/2009

Hiked up to the summit of Mount Werner while skiing at Steamboat Ski Resort. I had rode up the Morningside lift and then headed over towards the East Face run, which meant taking my skis off for a short hike up a trail that skirts the northern side of Werner's summit that is studded with communication towers. So my friends waited for me while I made the short trek to the actual summit. I suppose there are nice views, but the weather was cloudy so I couldn't see much of the surrounding mountains. Afterwards we skied down the East Face run, and oh was that heavenly with all of the powder that was loaded onto it.