Castle Rock and South Table Mountain


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Elevation: Castle Rock - 6,319'
South Table Mountain - 6,335'
Trailhead/Trail: Jack Lubahn Trail
Trailhead elevation: 5,824'
Total elevation gain: @580'
Coordinates: Castle Rock - 39.7555°N, 105.2109°W
South Table Mountain - 39.7579°N, 105.2082°W
Round trip distance: 2.5 mile
Quadrangle: Golden
Date: 5/26/2008

On a cool, rainy Memorial Day, Jack and I hiked up Castle Rock and South Table Mountain. We started up at the intersection of Belvedere and 18th in Golden. Here we followed up the trail, through many switchbacks that go up through a large gully just south of the block of Castle Rock. The trail finally breaks out onto the large flat plain of South Table Mountain by coming up through a broken down section of basaltic cliff band. Then we headed towards the north which brought us to the low saddle that separates Castle Rock from the summit of South Table. Here we headed west towards the summit of Castle Rock. There are concrete steps up the final 70 feet to the basalt capped summit of Castle Rock. During Prohibition these concrete steps led to a speakeasy, remains of it's foundation can still be found atop Castle Rock. After a brief look around, the Coors brewery and downtown Golden are easily seen by looking down the shear drop of the northwest face of Castle Rock, we headed down to the saddle and headed across the relatively flat plain to the high point of South Table Mountain. There is a benchmark at the high point, but there is little difference in elevation from the surrounding area. There is not much of view from South Table's actual summit, except the large flat plain of South Table.

Sorry, no pictures for this hike since I didn't take my camera.