Mount Zion


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Elevation: 7,059'
Trailhead/Trail: Lookout Mountain Road/Parasail launch site
Trailhead elevation: @6,680'
Coordinates: 39.74605°N, 105.24044°W
Round trip distance: @1 mile
Quadrangle: Morrison
Date: 3/29/2008

After getting out of class at Red Rocks I had some time before the sun set, so I headed just west to do the short hike up Mount Zion. Zion isn't a particularly memorable peak, two thing that most people know Zion for is that it has a big white "M" on the eastern side of it. The "M" is for the Colorado School of Mines. Zion is also where people in hang gliders launch off from.

I originally was thinking I'd head up Lookout Mountain Road to the Windy Gulch Saddleparking area and then hike up the southwest slope to Zion's summit, however there was a JeffCo Open Space sign indicating that the path up this slope was closed, likely due to the trail was wide and eroded. So I headed back down towards Golden and stopped at the small parking area at the bottom of the stairs that head up to the hang gliding take off spot and to the big white "M".

Mount Zion really is just a spur off of Lookout Mountain and Colorow Hill, and the summit of Zion isn't even the highest point on this spur. That honor goes to the point which is just to the northeast of the Windy Gulch Saddle which is somewhere between 7,160 feet and 7,200 feet high.

Zion overlooks the city of Golden, and has close up views of Lookout Mountain, which is just to the south. Also there are views down into the Clear Creek Canyon, and it looks like there might be some climbing opportunities along Zion's steep western face.

The light was fading, the trail is a little steep and rocky from the summit down to the hang glider launching area and I had no flashlight, so before it got too dark to see, I headed down.