Mount Spalding


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Elevation: 13,842'
Trailhead/Trail: Summit Lake
Trailhead elevation: 10,580'
Coordinates: 39.6001°N, 105.6572°W
Round trip distance: 2.7 miles
Quadrangle: Mount Evans
Date: 6/29/2008

It was a beautiful day, with some clouds, but no wind and pleasant temperatures so after paying the $10 to drive up the Mount Evans Road, I parked at Summit Lake with the goal of hiking up both Mount Spalding and Gray Wolf Mountain, however I didn't get very far before my camera malfunctioned. So I finished my hike Spalding but once I summited I decided that since I couldn't document my hike over to Gray Wolf, that there wasn't much point in heading over there so I headed back down to Summit Lake.

Once I got back down near Summit Lake, there were about 10 goats off in the distance along Mount Warren's northern slope. At this distance however they were just mere spots of off white on the hillside. However a couple of volunteer rangers had binoculars and a scope so I was able to get a pretty nice view of the billys, nannies and kids.

Below are the pictures I did get before the camera quit working.