East Glacier Knob


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Elevation: 10,565'
Trailhead/Trail: Bear Lake
Trailhead elevation: 9,475
Coordinates: 40.2988°N, 105.6429°W
Round trip distance: @4.5 miles
Quadrangle: McHenrys Peak
Date: 11/8/2008

Over the weekend I completed my quest of 50 named peaks that I hadn't climbed before. On Saturday I hiked up East Glacier Knob (10,225') in RMNP. I started at Bear Lake and hiked towards a frozen Alberta Falls in Glacier Gorge. I continued south along the trail until the trail heads west towards the Loch. However before I got that far west I headed north off trail to scramble up the steep southwestern slope of East Glacier Knob.

This climb was made more difficult because I had to skirt various cliff bands and climb up steep gullies. However the climb wasn't too difficult and it was relatively short hike of only about 4.5 miles.

When I started there was at least 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground and a light snow was falling. However the higher I climbed I came across less snow and there was only patchy snow once I got off the trail. There was no snow on the summit. There were nice views off to the east and north, however the peaks along the Continental Divide to the west and south were obsured by clouds. Again I'd love to share pictures of my hike but my camera failed me after I took about 3 pictures.

I'd like to add to my list of peaks for the year, but now that Copper Mtn. is open for the season and Winter Park opens soon, I'm thinking that I'll be letting the lifts take me up mountains and I'll be skiing down them rather than hiking up them for awhile.