Bald Mountain


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Elevation: 7,160'
Trailhead/Trail: Bald Mountain Scenic Area/Pines to Peaks
Trailhead elevation: @7,000'
Coordinates: 40.0467°N, 105.3441°W
Round trip distance: 1.5 miles
Quadrangle: Boulder
Date: 3/21/2008

I took off early from work on Friday to meet up with friends to hike up Mount Sanitas near Boulder, however I was early so with this extra time I decided to head up Sunshine Canyon a couple of miles to hike up Bald Mountain

After locating the parking lot on the south side of Sunshine Drive, I started hiking up the easy trail to the summit. After just a short distance the trail splits with the left hand trail heading directly to the summit and the right hand trail being the longer return trail

From this junction, the hike to the summit was just a five minute hike that circled to the north before approaching the summit from the west. Atop the summit there is a bench to sit upon and take in the view of the Eastern Plains and the back side of Flatirons.

In addition to the views out east I assume there are some nice views of the mountain of the Continental Divide in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, but on this day the clouds pretty much obsured any views to the west. In fact some snow was being blown in from the west, but the sky overhead was mostly clear.

The loop trail down first heads towards the southeast before swinging around to the west and ultimately circled around the west and north sides of peak. There were a couple of park benches along the way, as well as some small rock outcroppings.

And near that rocky outcrop is this interesting tree.

The eastern and southern slopes of Bald Mountain give it it's name for they are pretty bare of any trees. However the western and northern slopes are covered with a fairly open pine forest.

As I was getting back to the parking lot, I spotted a herd of deer that moved off a little bit, but stayed reasonably close

After this warm up hike, I headed down to Sanitas to meet up with my friends for yet another hike.