Colorado's 14ers

The following is a list of Colorado's 53 "official" 14er's, that is mountains in Colorado that are at least 14,000 feet above sea level.

So just what is an "official" peak? The simple criterion is to be classified an "official" 14er, a peak must rise at least 300 vertical feet above the connecting saddle of its neighbor, and of course be at least 14,000 feet above sea level. Why 300 feet? I have no idea, but that seems to be the standard here in Colorado. There are of course many other "peaks" in Colorado that are above 14,000 feet, but do not meet the above criteria, including Mount Cameron (14,238), which only rises 157 feet above its connecting saddle with Mount Lincoln (14,286), however if Cameron were 50 feet taller, then Cameron would be the official peak and Lincoln would not.

Currently I have hiked up twenty-four 14ers, 25 if you count Mount Cameron. In the following list I have included the peaks that I have bagged. My goal is not necessarily to do all of them, but to do as many as I can. I was joined on 16 of these peaks by my Golden Retriever Odin. The first one I did, Longs Peak, I did with my brother while we were visiting Rocky Mountain National Park in 1996 before I moved to Colorado. I have also hiked a few with friends and my brother. Several of them I have hiked more than once.

Hiking up 14ers is not a task to be taken lightly. While there are defined trails up a good many of them, at times, no trail exists and you just pick your way along through the rocks. While it might be 80 or 90 degrees in Denver the temperature atop a 14er might be in the 30s or 40s with a cold breeze blowing, so dress appropriately, and don't wear cotton. Lightning is always something to be aware of and concerned about. Storms brew up fast in the mountains, so if threatening weather is approaching, HEAD DOWN IMMEDIATELY. The mountain will be there another day, you might not be so lucky if you don't heed the weather conditions.

If you want to learn more about hiking Colorado's 14ers, I would recommend reading "Colorado's Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs" by Gerry Roach or "Dawson's Guide To Colorado's Fourteeners" by Louis W. Dawson II. or check out any of the following web sites:

Colorado's 14ers
Rank Mountain Elevation Mountain Range Climbed?
1 Mount Elbert 14,433 Sawatch Yes
2 Mount Massive 14,421 Sawatch Yes
3 Mount Harvard 14,420 Sawatch Not yet
4 Blanca Peak 14,345 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
5 La Plata Peak 14,336 Sawatch Yes
6 Uncompahgre Peak 14,309 San Juan Not yet
7 Crestone Peak 14,294 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
8 Mount Lincoln 14,286 Tenmile-Mosquito Yes
9 Grays Peak 14,270 Front Range Yes - twice
10 Mount Antero 14,269 Sawatch Not yet
11 Torreys Peak 14,267 Front Range Yes
12 Castle Peak 14,265 Elk Not yet
13 Quandary Peak 14,265 Tenmile-Mosquito Yes - twice
14 Mount Evans 14,264 Front Range Yes
15 Longs Peak 14,255 Front Range Yes
16 Mount Wilson 14,246 San Juan Not yet
17 Mount Shavano 14,229 Sawatch Yes
18 Mount Belford 14,197 Sawatch Yes
19 Crestone Needle 14,197 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
20 Mount Princeton 14,197 Sawatch Not yet
21 Mount Yale 14,196 Sawatch Not yet
22 Mount Bross 14,172 Tenmile-Mosquito Yes
23 Kit Carson Mountain 14,165 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
24 Maroon Peak 14,156 Elk Not yet
25 Tabeguache Peak 14,155 Sawatch Yes
26 Mount Oxford 14,153 Sawatch Not yet
27 Mount Sneffels 14,150 San Juan Not yet
28 Mount Democrat 14,148 Tenmile-Mosquito Yes
29 Capitol Peak 14,130 Elk Not yet
30 Pikes Peak 14,110 Front Range Yes
31 Snowmass Mountain 14,092 Elk Not yet
32 Mount Eolus 14,083 San Juan Not yet
33 Windom Peak 14,082 San Juan Not yet
34 Challenger Point 14,081 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
35 Mount Columbia 14,073 Sawatch Not yet
36 Missouri Mountain 14,067 Sawatch Yes
37 Humboldt Peak 14,064 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
38 Mount Bierstadt 14,060 Front Range Yes - 3 times
39 Sunlight Peak 14,059 San Juan Not yet
40 Handies Peak 14,048 San Juan Yes
41 Culebra Peak 14,047 Sangre de Cristo Yes
42 Ellingwood Peak 14,042 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
43 Mount Lindsey 14,042 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
44 Little Bear Peak 14,037 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
45 Mount Sherman 14,036 Tenmile-Mosquito Yes
46 Redcloud Peak 14,034 San Juan Yes
47 Pyramid Peak 14,018 Elk Not yet
48 Wilson Peak 14,017 Sangre de Cristo Not yet
49 Wetterhorn Peak 14,015 San Juan Not yet
50 San Luis Peak 14,014 San Juan Not yet
51 Mount of the Holy Cross 14,005 Sawatch Yes
52 Huron Peak 14,003 Sawatch Yes
53 Sunshine Peak 14,001 San Juan Yes


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