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Greetings to my web site. This web site is meant to deal with a variety of topics, which mirror my personal interests which range from urban planning and real estate development to spending time in the outdoors to working with wood to build fine furniture to playing with my dogs to brewing my own home made beer to discovering my personal history through tracing up and down my family tree.

One of my hobbies is been working on my family tree. I have worked on tracing my various family lines for nearly thirty years. At first it started with what other family members had passed on to me. However once I caught the genealogy bug more I started climbing the tree into previously unknown branches.

In the last couple of years I have been getting increasingly involved in woodworking and furniture making. While I have always had an interest in woodworking, it has only been recently that I started pursuing it in earnest.

I started homebrewing when I lived in St. Louis with the help of my friend Scott. I continued to brew after I moved to South Bend and then to Minneapolis. However after trying some of my coworkers excellent brews, I gave up brewing for about seven years. I have recently started brewing again. Since starting again I have brewed number of very nice beers. and I currently have a raspberry mead, a Grand Cru (a Belgium ale spiced with orange peel and coriander), a porter, a Scottish ale and a Kolsch on tap and an IPA, Pilsener and Winter Ale in the fermenter.

Another one of my favorite hobbies is the outdoors. Whether that is canoeing the lakes and rivers in the North Woods of Minnesota and Canada, hiking or skiing the Colorado Rockies, or exploring the caves of Indiana and Kentucky it makes no difference. If it involves the outdoors, I LOVE it.

My truest companions in life have been my dogs: Argo, Thor, Odin and Jack. May they live forever, if not in body then in spirit.

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Shirl and Rebecca Dellinger
My grandparents

Relaxing in the Quetico
Thor and I relaxing after a days worth of paddling and portaging in Quetico Provincial Park. Photo by Don Richard

Snow covered berries
Photo I took after a late fall snow