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Odin, who was born May 14, 1998, was another great Golden Retriever. Most people who met him thought he was a awesome dog. In his prime Odin weighed about 75 pounds, and that was all lean and muscular, for he carried little to no fat on him.

Odin really enjoyed the outdoors and loved to go hiking with me in the Rockies. Odin joined me on hiking up the summit of 16 of Colorado's fourteen thousand foot peaks. He also loved to play catch. It did not matter whether it was a stick, ball or frisbee - he loved for me to throw whatever it was and he would run out to retrieve it and bring it back and drop at my feet so I could throw it again. On one winter day I threw a snowball out into an untouched field of snow and Odin tracked that snowball down, dug it up and brought it back to me - AMAZING!

Unfortunately Odin was taken much too young. He was only about six and a half when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. In the ensuing two weeks after that diagnosis, Odin's health deteriotated rapidly so the Monday after Thanksgiving, 2004, I had to put him to sleep two weeks to the day of his diagnosis. On August 12, 2005 I was joined by two friends on a hike up Grays Peak to scatter Odin's ashes on the first 14er he ever climbed.

Odin brought me many fond memories, and I will always remember him with great fondness for he was not only a great dog, but a true friend.