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Jack came to me in a slightly unusual way. Jack's previous owner asked if I would look after him while she went on vacation. That was back in April of 2004 and I still have Jack because she never came back. Originally Jack wasn't very good around other dogs, nor was he very good off leash. But over time, working with him, socializing him and generally giving him the love,respect and attention he was needing, Jack has turned out to be a pretty good dog.

Jack is a big, happy-go-lucky sort of dog. He weighs in at about 85 pounds, and he always seems to have a smile on his face. When out on walks Jack likes to roam a little bit when off leash, but for the most part stays reasonably close, although not as close as I'd like at times. Previously Jack would get defensive with other dogs, now for the most part he ignores them, but plays with them when he wants to.