A few of my favorite things



Over the years I have I have done a fair amount of genealogical research on my family tree. It started when I was in grade school when my Mom received some family tree stuff on her father's family from her Aunt Minnie and her cousin Virginia. Since that time I built a family tree that contains over 105,000 people, most of whom I am related to, but many that are not simply because they either share a common surname of some of my ancestors or lived in the same area that my ancestors lived.

Off and on I have done some woodworking. It really progressed after taking some woodworking classes at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, CO. One of the pieces I'm most proud of is the Arts and Crafts style king sized bed I made out of quarter sawn white oak. I have also enjoyed making various end grain cutting boards. At the moment I don't have a shop so it is hard to get any woodworking done, at least for now. I hope that problem gets taken care of soon.

I haven't brewed any beer for awhile, but it is fun and I'd like to get back into it but I just don't have the space. So instead of brewing my own I just drink the good stuff that so many small breweries make these days.

My favorite hobby is spending time in the outdoors. I moved to Colorado so I could hike the Rockies. So far I have summited 32 14ers here in Colorado, over 50 13ers and lots of lower peaks and many, many miles of trails to lakes, meadows, and waterfalls. Then I thought, while I enjoy hiking up mountains during the summer, "What can I do in the winter?". The answer was pretty obvious, learn how to ski. In the last 20 years I have skied 25 different ski resorts in five different states, and probably have skied close to twenty million feet of vertical. But hiking and skiing are not the only outdoor activities I enjoy. I spent 2 summers guiding canoe trips in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and Ontario, and try to get back to the North Woods to hear the plaintive wail of the Loon and see the shimmering North Lights.

And while in the great outdoors, I love to take lots of photos. What I most enjoy taking are landscape pictures. I'm not so good at taking pictures of people. To view a sampling of my photos click here

And if hiking and skiing don't keep me active enough I try to play Ultimate with a great group of people at a local park every Saturday morning, come rain or shine or even snow.

My truest companions in life have been my dogs: Argo, Thor, Odin, and Jack who have all crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and Loki and Eros who are still with me. May they all live forever, if not in body then in spirit.

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Shirl and Rebecca Dellinger
My grandparents

Relaxing in the Quetico
Relaxing with Thor after a days worth of paddling and portaging in Quetico Provincial Park. Photo by Don Richard

Snow covered berries
Photo I took after a late fall snow